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Action Assist Pricing

Action Assist is available at a monthly subscription fee on a consumption basis.

The subscription fee is based on the number of users and modules per user that are activated on the database by the Database Administrator. For current modules there are no upfront capital and annual license fees payable. Any Modifications and Updates to Action Assist modules and module functionality must be contracted through Action iT (Pty) Ltd and are for the account of the subscriber that initiates the request.

The determination of the monetary value of the subscription fee is managed through the database registration and management processes implemented by Action iT.

These processes include:

  1. A separate database is created for each of our subscribers. This database will be hosted by Internet Solutions, encrypted by Thawte and backed up daily by Attix 5.
  2. Each of our subscribers is required to identify their Database Administrator.
  3. The Database Administrator will be responsible and accountable for the ongoing management of the database. Their responsibilities and accountabilities include:
    1. The completion and signature of the subscription documentation and debit order;
    2. The completion and signature of subsequent updated subscription agreements and debit orders. The Action Assist offering is a consumption based offering and allows the database administrator to change the consumption (and associated spend) on an ongoing basis. Action iT will only be able to change the consumption variables once we have received the changed subscription agreement and debit order;
    3. Identifying and maintaining the Action Assist module list of the modules that will be available to the users activated on the database;
    4. Identifying and maintaining the number of users that have access to the database. On the 25th of each month the system generates a billing report based on the information on the database as at the 25th. This information is used to generate the subscription invoices for the use of the system for the following month.

Three categories of pricing is available to subscribers of the Assist offering.

Download Pricing

This pricing is valid until 30 June 2017.


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