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Resolutions Assist [ Download Brochure ]

Purpose of the Resolutions Assist Module

Resolutions Assist helps organisation to effectively manage Board / Council Resolutions. Resolutions are captured onto the system and once submitted, an action is automatically e-mailed to the person responsible for executing the resolution. The responsible person updates the status of the resolution electronically as and when required. Reports of all resolutions can be printed prior to Council meetings or viewed electronically during meetings.

The Working of the Resolutions Assist Module

The Resolution Source captures the required actions, per defined portfolio, on the online system using the SMART principles. For each Resolution a responsible person and an action owner is identified;
The Action Owner(s) will review the required actions and will update the progress towards completion on the system by updating the action status, the percentage (%) of completion;
The Action Owner(s) will mark the action as complete once the action has been completed. This will update the users personal dashboard;
The Responsible Person(s) / Management team can access the system to provide support and guidance to the Action Owner(s) with the completion of the required actions. Assigned actions can be edited by the Resolution Source as and when operationally required;
The users can generate reports and graphs as required. The information presented is supported by the automated online activity log.

Key Features of Resolutions Assist include:

  • the availability of an online Resolutions Register;
  • functionality for the module administrator to define and manage user access as required by the organisation;
  • functionality for the module administrator to define all the client specific defaults for the module which includes functionality to allow the user to define portfolios.
  • easy, user friendly update process;
  • real-time up to date dashboards for each user showing the users overdue actions, actions due today and actions due in the future number of days as defined by the specific user;
  • a 3-Click process for action owners to update the actions assigned to them;
  • functionality for the users to attach documents to actions as is operationally required;
  • standard audit trail reporting where all activity on the tool is logged are and time stamped.

Operational Management Benefits of Resolutions Assist include:

  • high level of organisational customisation in defining the module setups to meet the organisations own business requirements;
  • automatic generation of notifications and reminders to predefined users;
  • The individual user dashboards clearly show the progress to completion of actions assigned to the user and if the task is overdue (past the defined deadline date);
  • users with the appropriate level of user access can view their own actions and actions assigned to other users;
  • users can generate their own customised reports using the report generation functionality which allows for the use of various data filters and data grouping tools;
  • reporting is generated on screen or exported to excel;
  • improved communication between all stakeholders as up to date information is available on a centralised database (Online Resolution Register) to all registered users at all times;
  • actions are assigned to queries using the SMART principles;
  • the output from the action management processes can assist with operational and individual performance management;
  • task data is kept in the data base for future reference and reporting purposes;

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