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Organisational Performance Assist [ Download Brochure ]

Purpose of the Organisational Performance Assist Module

Organisational Performance Assist facilitates the management of organisational performance on a monthly or quarterly basis. It is an electronic tool that can be tailored to address any organisations organisational performance management needs. This tool has been developed taking into account legislative requirements in South Africa and best practice experience. Multiple users can view and update the tool at any given time. There is no need to collect data from departments as each department is responsible and accountable for the updating of their own performance information.

The tool is called SDBIP Assist at local government level, APP Assist at provincial and national government level and Organisational Performance Assist in the private sector.

The Working of the Organisational Performance Assist Module

The Strategic / Performance Manager prepares the organisational performance matrix of all department within the organisation using the SMART principles;
Departments will agree to their performance indicators and will update the progress towards completion on the system by updating the indicator and attaching the required proof of evidence;
Department will mark the performance indicator as complete once the indicator has been completed. This will update the organisational dashboard;
The Management team and other operational support functions can access the system to provide support and guidance to the departments with the completion of the required performance indicators;
The users can generate reports and graphs as required. The information presented is supported by the automated online activity log.

Key Features of Organisational Performance Assist include:

  • easy, user friendly update process;
  • all data is maintained in one central database;
  • all data is real time and up-to-date all the time;
  • users can only access information if they have been given access to do so;
  • as part of the monthly updates responsible users can be required to capture a performance comment and a recommended action if the performance target was not achieved;
  • the system allows for various types of performance calculations methods which are consistently applied;
  • officials can gain access to the module through various means (e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone etc.);
  • users with the required level of user access are able to View the progress of organisational performance at any time, on any day;
  • automated logging of all activities in detailed activity logs;
  • automated updating of Top Layer KPIs based on performance recorded for associated Departmental KPIs;
  • automated closure of update time periods can be scheduled on the system;
  • the system accommodates for more than 1 (one) period closing per month;
  • import and export functionality of financial information into and out of the system;
  • ability to produce management dashboards through the reporting functionality for executive decision making;
  • clearly defines accountability and responsibility to employees that are responsible for updating the tool;
  • functionality to attach electronic Proof of evidence when performing the monthly updates;
  • allows for the tracking of various types of user defined goals and objectives. e.g. the NDP (National Development Plan) Objectives;

Operational Management Benefits of Organisational Performance Assist include:

  • high level of organisational customisation in defining the module setups to meet the organisations own business requirements;
  • automatic generation of notifications and reminders to predefined users;
  • users can generate their own customised reports using the report generation functionality which allows for the use of various data filters and data grouping tools;
  • reporting is generated on screen or exported to excel;
  • actions are assigned to performance indicators using the SMART principles;
  • task data is kept in the data base for future reference and reporting purposes;

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