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Cash Management

The Action iT Money Market affords investors the opportunity to earn the levels of interest that previously only were available to financial institutions and high net worth investors through a secure online banking system that was specifically designed for third party fund administration. The money management system is called Investec Corporate Cash Manager (CCM) and it complies with industry body rules and regulations.

The key features and benefits of our banking administration service include:

  • Very competitive money market interest rates offered to our clients;
  • Personalised service;
  • Direct line to your dedicated administrator;
  • No transactional charges other than those related to cash deposits or unusual transactions;
  • All investments are made with Investec Specialist Bank;
  • All transactions take place in a secure banking environment;
  • Confirmation of transactions are sent via SMS, email and/or fax;
  • Regular payments can be scheduled;
  • Clearly defined quick turnaround times, which include:
    • Opening of new client accounts within 1 hour;
    • Withdrawals and closures within 12 business hours;
    • Report requests within 2 business hours;
    • Property guarantees within 24 business hours;

For more information on this offering please refer to the CCM tab on our website.

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