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Strategic Direction

Each organisation requires a clearly defined Strategic Direction which is supported by the appropriate organisational structures, goals, performance indicators, resources etc. Our highly qualified and experienced facilitators assist organisations to complete the required planning activities, develop the appropriate strategies, identify organisational and individual performance indicators, implement the developed action plans, and maintain and monitor the progress of implementation.

Effective performance management is the best and optimal way to ensure the success of a strategic intervention. The term “Performance Management” seems to be one of those terms used frequently in the public and private sectors. But what is Performance Management and how can it assist in managing, monitoring and reporting on performance in your organisation?

Our Experience has shown that the different schools of thought have applied different jargon and methodologies to the term “performance management” which has resulted in very complex operational processes and systems creating much confusion and practical resistance to performance management being effectively implemented.

Performance Management is a process and not a once-off event. It therefore requires the appropriate level of strategic guidance and commitment from the leadership team of the organisation.

To ensure the proper alignment (Downward Cascading) of performance (Service Delivery) requirements to meet the required outcomes it is imperative that a top down approach is followed. The leadership team of the organisation needs to ensure that all the strategic objectives for a specific financial year are included in the Annual Performance Plan for that year. Once this has been done the responsibility and accountability of meeting the set objectives must be assigned to the relevant departments / employees.

These employees, together with their respective teams will have the responsibility of ensuring that the performance indicators are met. Only once the organisational performance indicators have been assigned to the responsible employees, will those employees be in a position to downward cascade (align) the required actions to be undertaken by employees. The downward cascaded performance indicators and actions will form part of the employees’ individual performance contract (performance matrix) that he / she will be measured on during his / her performance evaluation.

Key performance indicators are those activities/outcomes that an employee needs to achieve to enable him / her to confirm to the organisation that the required actions have been completed. The KPI's need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-framed (SMART) and should contribute towards the organisation achieving its goals. All KPI's should be cascaded from the Top of the organisation down to the Bottom of the organisation and must be aligned to the Organisational Strategy.

As a team, our key focus areas include:

  • The facilitation of strategic sessions / workshops;
  • Development of Strategic Plans and Reports;
  • Consultations with Stakeholders (e.g. Councilors, Ward representatives, Community);
  • Compilation of IDPs in the municipal environment;
  • Compilation of Annual Performance Plans;
  • Compilation of Service Delivery Implementation Plans (SDBIPs) in the municipal environment;
  • Development of SMART performance indicators;
  • Development of Scorecards;
  • Budget and Performance Management System (PMS) alignment;
  • Incentive Scheme design and implementation;
  • Performance Management Processes;
  • Performance Evaluation and Moderation Processes;
  • Skills Audit and Gap analysis;

Available technology:

  • SDBIP Assist;
  • Individual Performance Assist;

Our strategic partners in this focus area include:

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