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Risk Management

Risk Management is the management activity where risks are identified, classified, assessed, prioritised and action plans for each risk initiated and maintained. In the risk management process management will apply resources to minimise, track, and control the probability and/or impact of any possible events that could result the risk in becoming a reality.

Action iT, together with its strategic business partners offers multidisciplinary services that can assist organisations in managing the risks facing their business. As part of our risk management offering, we offer proactive and reactive forensic services that assist clients in their endeavours to prevent, detect, and combat fraud and corruption.

Organisations should perform fraud risk assessments periodically to identify potential schemes and events that require mitigation. Our fraud risk management team can conduct an assessment to identify where fraud may occur and who the perpetrators might be. They will assess existing controls and, where necessary, develop control activities and an anti-fraud and corruption framework to ensure they consider both the potential fraud schemes and the individuals within and outside the organisation who could be the perpetrators of each scheme.

As a team, our key focus areas include:

  • Risk Assessments;
  • Risk Action Planning;
  • Risk Monitoring;
  • Risk Committees;
  • Internal Control;
  • Litigation Support;
  • Fraud Risk Awareness Workshops;
  • Forensic Investigations;
  • Investigations (local and cross border);
  • Forensic data analytics; and
  • Background checks and probity investigations;

Available technology:

  • Risk Assist;
  • Case Assist;

Our strategic partners in this focus area include:

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