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The Action iT team of professionals together with our strategic business partners have, over many years, gained vast experience in the rollout of interventions in defining the Strategic Direction of organisations, providing Implementation Support where required, and assisted with the management of Risks, Assurance, Compliance and Governance. After much research and consultation, we have summarised our offering below:

It includes the 6 Enablement focus areas that should be embedded and supported by an appropriate technology platform. The outputs from the technology platform, which we call Business Intelligence, should assist the organisation in generating all the required outputs to enable the management team to make the required operational decisions to ensure the smooth and sustainable running of their organisation.

These 6 focus areas, which in our view will collectively contribute to the attainment of a sustainable organisation, are:

  1. A Clearly Defined Strategic Direction, which incorporates the appropriate level of detail for the effective cascading down of responsibilities and accountabilities to all levels of employees within the organisation;
  2. Clearly defined and managed Risk Management function for the organisation;
  3. Adherence to best practice Governance standards;
  4. Clearly defined, communicated, monitored and evaluated Compliance practices against legislative, best practice, policy and procedure and other requirements;
  5. Clearly defined, communicated and maintained Implementation plans, across all disciplines, for all planned activities; and
  6. Systems and processes to provide for the required level of Combined Assurance required across all the disciples from all the relevant stakeholders;

The business intelligence information (outputs from operational processes) required by the management team of organisations to enable them to make the most effective and appropriate business decisions should preferably include:

  1. The detailed tracking and reporting of all actions performed by the employees using the SMART principles. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-framed);
  2. Dashboards for Organisational and Individual Performance;
  3. Detailed activity logs of all actions carried out to ensure individual accountability and responsibility;
  4. Measurement of actual performance against predetermined objectives supported by attached required proof of evidence that the performance target was achieved;
  5. Appropriate Business Information to allow for the Monitoring and Evaluation of strategic and business operational processes on an ongoing basis; and
  6. User-friendly reporting and graphing.

We believe that Action iT has the experience to assist organisations with the identification of their individual developmental GAPS for each of the focus areas and that we can assist with the implementation of the required corrective action(s) for the gaps identified. Where required, our online technology tool “Action Assist” can assist with the management of the tasks required to achieve the required outcomes.

Should you require any further information on this offering or on how we can assist you in achieving the above, please feel free to contact us on using the details on the Contact Us tab of this website.

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