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Governance has become increasingly important across all the sectors of our economy. Management should act in an ethical manner, with integrity and should be held accountable by all the stakeholders. This can only be achieved if the organisation has a clearly defined, communicated and implemented Code of Governance.

Organisations should regularly review their Code of Governance to allow for the early detection of gaps which will allow management to identify and implement the required corrective actions.

The Code of Governance should include sufficient information around the organisations intent on their level of adherence with the Governance Standards as laid down by legislation, best practice guidance and King III. The code should include a thorough plan on how the organisation will achieve and maintain their planned governance outcomes.

As a team, our key focus areas include:

  • Developing the Code of Governance;
  • Governance Assessments and Reviews;
  • Ethical Awareness Workshops;
  • Bespoke learning;
  • Councilors and Ward committee training;
  • Delegation of authority;
  • Policies and Procedures;
  • Standard Operating Procedures; and
  • Reporting and Dashboards;

Available technology:

  • Query Assist;
  • Task Assist;

Our strategic partners in this focus area include:

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