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Combined Assurance

Combined Assurance is the focused process on integrating and aligning the assurance processes in an organisation in an attempt to ensure that the management team of the organisation obtain the optimal insight into the overall risk profile of the company taking into account the current risk, governance and control efficiencies. The assurance is obtained through an all-inclusive approach which includes the management of the organisation, external and internal assurance providers whereby it is made very clear over what assurance is provided, by whom within the organisation.

The combined assurance obtained from this integrated approach has a direct impact on the organisations ability to manage organisational risk. As this is a collaborative approach towards obtaining assurance the organisation will be able to get a holistic dashboard of their risk profile and the assurance activities actioned.

As a team, our key focus areas include:

  • Combined Assurance Plans;
  • Audit and Risk Committees;
  • Audit preparation;
  • Audit Query Action Plans;
  • Internal Control Efficiencies;
  • Internal Control Assessments;
  • Internal Audit; and
  • Reporting and Dashboards;

Available technology:

  • Risk Assist;
  • Query Assist;
  • SCM Assist;
  • Compliance Assist;

Our strategic partners in this focus area include:

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