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About Action Assist

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If one of your primary objectives is to reduce the administration burden of individuals in the day to day operational running of your organisation, you should consider implementing our Action Assist solution.

Action Assist is an innovative online modular subscription offering which will provide your organisation with a secure, encrypted web-based platform for the management of operational processes and data storage. This offering is available to all organisations and will assist in the management of day-to-day operational information, tasks and activities. The secure site will be branded with the organisation's name and logo.

Action Assist is made up of various document management and action (process management) modules:

  • The document management modules manage various types of electronic documents that have been uploaded onto the system (payslips, contracts, certificates, identity documents etc.).
  • The action modules manage the status of actual process activities against pre-defined process activities (as defined in the setup of the module). All activities on the database are time stamped which allows for accurate performance reporting.

The operational activities, which can be managed with the use of Action Assist, include:

  • Status reporting on activities, tasks, actions and KPI's
  • The maintenance of uploaded documents, worksheets, reports, and presentations
  • On screen and Excel-based report generation facility with the report filter functionality
  • The automation of e-mail notifications and reminders activated by defined events
  • The capture of data into predefined input tables for dashboard report generation
  • Consistent communication and easy access to policies, procedures and other documentation
  • Easy access to employee related documentation

From an IT perspective all that the organisation users require is a computer with access to the internet and a web browser (the latest Google Chrome or IE10 is preferred - though IE9 is currently also supported). Action Assist works in other browsers, however testing and support are not guaranteed. Action Assist is hosted off-site and is maintained by Action iT, so the client does not need to provide Web Server software. The Action Assist server is hosted on a virtual server solution offered by Internet Solutions. The server is held on the Internet Solutions' premises, is protected by a firewall managed by IS and is monitored by their engineers. The server is backed up daily by Attix5 (http://www.attix5.com). The backup is held offsite.

Action Assist is secured by Thawte.

Integration with other systems takes place through the import and export functionality of the tools. This can be achieved through the importing and exporting of data in CSV format. Action iT can provide support in this regard.


The Action Assist modules are supported by our developers. The modules are constantly enhanced according to requests by our clients. An update of these enhancements is automatically made available to all clients on at least a weekly basis.

For information on implementing Action Assist, see Implementation Methods

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Action Assist


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